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April 22, 2002

Notebook; Pg. 10

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HEADLINE: Notebook [Excerpt of Imran Anwar interview on Fox News Channel, with typical "New republic" right-wing, pro-Zionist, bigoted slant showing in their titling of the quote.]

MR. SPOCK, GENOCIDAL MANIAC: "The media ... does not really accept or show Muslims ... as part of American society... You do not see us in 'Star Trek."Star Trek' is set 2,000 years or so in the future. Are you telling us that when machines will be able to have feelings and half-man half-wolf will be able to have love affairs with human beings, people like me will be extinct? So that is like cultural genocide that Hollywood conducts."--Imran Anwar, "Middle East Analyst," Fox News Channel, April 6 (Thanks to OpinionJournal.com.)

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