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March 14, 1994 / March 20, 1994

VIEWPOINT; Letters to the editor; Pg. 10

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Territory in dispute

Imran Anwar, Information and Media Resources, Affiliations, Networks, Manhattan


I always assumed public relations includes some stretching of the truth, and that politics requires distorting facts. I did not know that combining them meant having to lie. That is what Mr. A. C. Gogna, Indian Consul (PR) does in his letter of Feb. 28 ("India's correct borders"). I am aghast that you printed something you knew to be untrue.

Mr. Gogna knowingly lies, when he claims "the whole of Jammu and Kashmir belongs to India." The truth is, India continues to forcibly occupy the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir, it continues to ignore United Nations resolutions for a plebiscite in the territory, and it continues its human rights abuses of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

March 22, 1994