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"All happiness depends on courage and work."
-- Honoré de Balzac

IMRAN is the acronym for Information & Media Resources, Affiliations, & Networks, created by Imran Anwar in 1979, far ahead of the advent of today's modern networks. IMRAN offers the complete spectrum of information related services to clients. Starting from information acquisition, to information retrieval, storage, and transmission, we provide one-stop solutions. We work with the world's largest providers of information and "content" and help the media use technology as a strategic tool. Our work includes establishing national level newspapers using technology, introduction of Internet services in Pakistan, syndication of media properties worldwide, intellectual rights acquisition and protection, and creation of new content. IMRAN is part of the IMRAN Group of companies, which includes more tan 100 small and dynamic organizations. These cover the gamut from social-networking, content monetization, ciizen journalism type professional media networking, online payments, credit cards, aviation, development programs in third world countries, micromedia, social comments, media commentaries, online content protection, etc.Show more
Imran continues to be invited to deliver keynote speeches (most recent being Insight Innovation in Phiadelphia and the upcoming MRMW in Minneapolis), in addition to being on radio and TV, giving his popular, outspoken, and well-respected opinions on Pakistan, Afghanistan, US foreign policy,terrorism, Islam and the World, and peace in the Middle East. He continues to be an outspoken critic of the agents of terror and their sympathizers in Pakistan responsible for the latest carnage in Pakistan and other countries. His recent speech at a well attended event inspired several hundred attendees, young, and old.

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